I can pinpoint the exact date I last wore a hat

26th August 2007 it was

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I wore a sailors hat at a wedding I went to last year in September.

Fucked it already


Bought a basenball cap last year. Wore it for one day and decided it wasn’t for me. Thinking about trying to get back into it though.

Did you wear it backwards, on a side tilt, or straight forward?



i last wore a hat in paris, except for when i was trying on my new hat at the hat shop in london.

I haven’t worn a cap now for i think over a year

Checked, i’m talking shit, i simply wonder wore a hat on new years eve 2021

7th April 2022

5th April 2022

Very rarely leave the house without one tbh. Bald man with history of skin cancer… if its cold i need one to keep my head warm, if its hot then i need the protection.


3rd September 2021

Next time I go to a festival I’m taking one. I didnt at the last Glastonbury and got sunstroke for the Saturday and Sunday, awful

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Became a hat guy over lockdown, seemed a good use of the time. Probably wear hats two to three times a week now.

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never worn a cap then got a nice brown carhartt one over lockdown and haven’t looked back. Can’t believe i got to 40 as a specs wearer without considering how useful a cap is in the rain.

I own a

  • Beanie
  • Baseball cap
  • Flat cap
  • Smart hat

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I hate to wear a hat and I hate to see a hat worn

I’ve lost so much respect for you right there.

Don’t worry about that right now

Wore one on Wednesday.

the Wednesday just gone before @The_Respected_User asks

How liberating!

Just gone where?