I can’t even believe it’s the even-ing (Friday edition)

What’s up all my fellow party people. How many pizza are about to be consumed forum-wise?

Just nabbed myself the last bottle in town of this v cool gin - thought they’d all sold out!

Other news TBC

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pepper dulse seaweed, is it

Pizza count: 1

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It’s all the rage with the kids


Munched this earlier. Not bad for a frozen number.

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Chanterelles are mushrooms, youve bought mushroom gin by mistake


Katsu kievs, roast carrots and peas. Couple of cans of Supermarket craft beer.

Just ordered a curry didn’t I


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Pizza for dinner here, also. Albeit ones off of the pizza counter at Sainsbo’s. Got a garlic bread and some Mozzarella dippers to go with.

Wish I had beer. Was going to pop via the off licence on the way home but had left my bike lock at work. Might have to walk up to the local offie and get a few tinnies.

Made even sweeter with a 50% off code



That looks fucking great. And so cheap.



Just having a kitchen worktop beer and listening to talk talk

Got oven pizza later due to a total lack of imagination and CBA ness

My son seems to have got himself a job at a seafront cafe. Hopefully he will get plenty of hours as he needs something to keep him busy and earn £££££. He’s going to be here later but he’s going to the beach with his friends so I imagine it will be much later

Expect I’ll just watch a dumb movie at some point

Evening all!

We’ve had gammon to celebrate the birth of the King of Olde England, George. We cooked and served it in the traditional way: Cooked in cola and served with hash browns, pickled cabbage and French mustard.

I’m full.


Sounds delicious :drooling_face:

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Mushroom AND fruit gin, excuse me

Mutton roti oh my