I can't be arsed with my prostate getting bigger

When men have to go for a wee in the middle of the night because their prostate has enlarged and is putting pressure on their bladder. I can’t be arsed with that.

I had to get up for a shit last night.


Apparently pumpkin seeds are good for the prostate? That’s what Russell Kane said on Steph’s Packed Lunch

I believe some see it as a point of pride. ‘Mines size of a fucking orange mate! I’m dribbling piss 24/7!’

  • Give men an allocated daily wanking window for the sake of their poor prostates
  • Hahaha FUCK OFF!

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Trust me, it’s ball ache (sometimes literally)
Exercising it daily is definitely beneficial

Doubt its as bad as being a woman in your late 30s and/or having had a kid. I get up about 7 times a night and cant go on nice walks or long toilet free journeys. It’s so boring needing to wee every 15 minutes


I need to wee loads if I’m even slightly anxious. Being somewhere where I can’t go for a wee can be very bad, if I even need to wee just a tiny bit it will become an all consuming dread.

Hardly ever need to wee during the night though. Maybe occasionally if I’ve just had a beer or something before bed, but even then it won’t usually wake me up until early morning.

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Not a competition though is it. Sympathies and empathy for you though. I’ve been on meds for this for a few months which do seem to have some effect but getting up five or six times a night eventually has some serious effects on your mental well-being. Plus there’s always the possibility of y’know cancer.


Not at all. But its ok for me to say its super annoying too.

I’m aware. My dad died of prostate cancer.

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It sure does.

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:expressionless: Never said men can’t suffer. Just wanted to let them know as it goes totally unsaid about the same issue for young women and i wish women had talked about this around me as its really impacts my quality of life. Not trying to it make it a competion, but its fine if i say having it constantly every hour of the day and night from being young might feel soul destroying. I’ve known about men’s prostate and needing to wee in the night since i was a kid, it was in stand up shows, sitcoms, including going for prostate check ups and whats involved. I never ever heard anything about womens issues of the same ilk so even though it happens to pretty much everyone its something that can feel isolating/shameful/tedious, medical professionals dont mention it to you as something to expect etc. I go to pee, leave the bathroom and often have to go straight back and pee again. It rules out nice walks and things i used to do or a lot of advance research into where I’m going. Some days its ok, but i never know when I’ll have a good day or a oh i need 35 pees this afternoon day. I’m talking about medical issues and creating awareness, but please can people post the rules of threads in the OP or say “men only” etc if i cant bring something up as my brain is not equipped for social cues that arent explicit. I’d rather know and I’ll keep all mention of womens bladders to International Womens Day :sweat_smile:


Yeah I’ve never really heard about it for women either

There was nothing wrong with your initial reply in this thread x

  • I know that my sperm is working/healthy
  • I have no idea

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Ish, had two kinder so all good but mumps orchitis fucked them up a whooole lot (probable nsfw search, massive painful infection of bollock)

Now had the snip so they have nowhere to go for a checkup :woman_shrugging:

i mean, i know as of like 4 years ago or something. tell you what tho, if you’re not arsed it’s not worth finding out. most depressing wank of my life

Sorry didn’t mean that to come out as an accusation more just a comment that sufferings suffering.

And you’ll just have to trust me that there’s other things I could be mentioning in this discussion that I’m not because I don’t want to spread any more misery around.

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incontinence + contingency plans for it need normalising

this and all other ableism is just leftover Darwinian bs, isn’t it?