I can't believe it's not the Thursday Thread

This is not the Thursday thread.

However in lieu of it having gone walkabout:

Lazy day in Mrs Z’s hospital room so far today. Will be working from here today though, so need to go find some late lunch soon.

Hope everyone is doing good. Also, if you see the Thursday thread please ask it to come back safely. I’m not angry with it.


Gonna get up, go to work, do some work, play badminton, walk home, have me tea, then usually fall asleep within an hour of that due tiredness from badminton

P.s. hi cz

Morning DiS
Got back from Leeds after midnight, fell asleep on the sofa, woke up at 6. Now I need to get showered and drive to work… in Leeds :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Is there a reason you didn’t get a hotel?

There’s famously no hotels in Leeds.


Hi troops, hope you’re all well.

Youngest is refusing to potty train, and last night soaked through her nappy so badly the nappy exploded sending pee particles of the nappy flying all over her bedroom. It is 7.10 and I’ve already had to strip her bed, hoover, and had a break down.

Thursdays eh.

Going to go out in the sun and trying to not stress about jobs. Classic.

Oh and still not heard from that job. The one where they said someone else was better… That’s almost a week since they said I’d be told if they’d taken it… Uuuuaaahhhrrrgggghhhhh


Had to bring my 13yo home. Should have stuck him on the train with the other hooligans


Morning all

More eurovision tonight so I shall focus on that to get through yet another tedious day

I hope you all have a lovely Thursday

Thursdays just get in the way of Fridays. I hate that I’ve started hating them.

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Morning. Off today. May go for a walk. May look at records and have a coffee. May go to rhyme time with the baby. May not do any of these, who knows. Finished the wire last night, so not got anything chunky to watch at the moment.

Morning CZ and all. Another Thursday beckons, the sun is out and so are my red painted toenails.

All the banana I bought are mushy at the end…so irking.

Going to go to school and build a greenhouse.

Top days all!!!

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Being taken for lunch by my brother in law. He doesn’t speak English and I don’t speak Mandarin. Google translate is doing a lot of heavy lifting today!


I checked and saw your team did well, which seems at odds with your weekly doom-like post that you’re off to see them. I just assumed they must be wallowing bottom of the table the way you carry on. ; )

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do either of you speak french?


I hope whatever you decide to do todau, rich-t, you have a lovely time and enjoy your day off :blush:

7am train from Leeds to London again for my sins. Snooooooze.

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Je ne Pas Francais

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I’m loathed to respond with daily thread type information to this thread, but it seems like it might be the only fair course of action, given the circumstances…

Hi CZUK, All,

Going to spend much of today in state of increasing dread, as we’ve got a meal with my family later. Hopefully, my parents will be distracted my little nephew and everything will be fine and they’ll forget their bitter simmering resentment and we’ll eat and be gone as swiftly as possible. :weary:

I had an email from someone yesterday asking for a load of metrics that I’ve not heard of before. she finished her email saying she didn’t know what any of those metrics meant, so I’m really not sure where this request is coming from, nor who to clarify it with. Also, I’m pretty sure I’m going to spend a week building reports for this that will be watched for a few months, then when they realise they aren’t getting anything useful from it, It’ll sit there idly, taking up my time if it breaks.

Porridge news now. As regular readers will know, I tend to enjoy a bowl of porridge most weekday mornings. Time was, I’d buy one of those ten packs of 28g sachets of plain oats from TezBOOOOOs and leave them in my draw at work. In recent weeks, however, I’ve been suffering acute forgetfulness and have failed to replenish my stock. As luck would have it, we store vast quantities, like upward of 2 bags of oats at any one time at home. There are many reasons why weighing out oats from a big bag and bringing them into work are better, the most pressing being that it’s more waste efficient. I mean it probably is. the oats still come in this big old plastic bag, but i guess at least that’s a single material, rather than those plastic lined paper sachets in a cardboard box. Anyway, I’m exceptionally bored of this story and frankly once again disappointed with you, if anyone, for continuing to read it. I mean, the title of the segment was porridge news. What on Earth could possibly be interesting enough about porridge to make it worth reading this meany words? I mean the gist, as you’re about to find out right now, was that, ooops! I forgot my porridge at home, but Yay! I found some porridge at work. All is fine. great. story done. ooooh, in place of peas, I should add, that I forgot my porridge at home, mere moments after being reminded to pack my porridge in my bag by @Gnometorious who by tagging in this post, especially this far down, I’m now forcing to read this utter tripe. Think I’ll end it there.

ok, just to prove that I can tell a story quickly, yesterday, we went to Lidl with the sole purpose of buying yog yogs. we bought instead near enough £20 worth of produce but no yog yogs. On top of having no oats today, well until I found oats, which resolved that issue. Thank gosh! I hate having no oats. I have no yog yogs. which is supremely disappointing for someone who likes to be able to tuck into a yog yog as a sweat treat after the savoury elements of their lunch. Sometimes though, right, I go into lunch like savoury main, fruit and yog yogs then BOOOM! that packet of crisps I have in my draw from when i got a panani meal deal downstairs having not made lunch that day. not got much more to say on the topic of yog yogs for the time being.

All that’s left for me to write, is that I have a meeting later with a few people, to discuss with one of the new directors what Information he wants from me on, as they say, much like many other phrases, in certain circumstances, the regular. My concern is, that I’ve twice met with this director before and I get the distinct feeling he doesn’t understand a word I say. Thankfully I’ll have translators in this meeting, so hopefully I’ll get some space to take some deep breaths and collect my thoughts while their explaining me.

Think my computer’s fed up with my shit now. it’s forcing me to restart. thanks. bye.


Thanks gnomey. Probably going to have another cuppa whilst I decide.

I hope your day goes speedily

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I had churros for breakfast.

Peaked too soon there, haven’t I.

Trying to work out if M is brave enough to go and see Detective Pickachu today.