I can't believe that new Mario phone game costs a tenner


Who is paying a tenner to play a game on their phone? Not me.




Hello Lonzy, I find the way people react to digital pricing very interesting.

People will turn their nose up at an app costing £1.29 or so but gladly spend double that on a sandwich at lunch etc.

Why do you think this is?


because there’s millions of free ones out there.

if there was a tray of sandwiches you could help yourself to in the conference room, it’d be a bit weird to go out and spend money on a sandwich

or something


But if all the free sandwiches were a bit shit?


it’s a free shit sandwich or pay for a tesco meal deal which is still pretty shit, you’re as well taking a bite of a free one and deciding whether to finish it


I would be willing to pay £50 for FM17 mobile, that goes without saying.

I think it’s because Mario is going to be shite or at least something I will only pay for a bit. I would probably have given it a buzz for £4/5. I know there is a trial version but I can’t be fucked with that.

Sandwiches… I generally make my own.


not saying mobile shite isn’t worth paying for, just that i can see where the mindset of baulking at being asked to pay £1 for something comes from


I’m not spending five pounds on the new Football Manager app, if that’s what you’re getting at.


Thanks, man