I can't believe they've got me again!

A thread for cataloguing when you get suckered into repeating your mistakes.

Me in 2018: Y’know what? This new Doom game on the Switch isn’t for me. Don’t like the chunky controls and the blurriness. It’s not fun. I’ll leave it be.

Me in 2023: Oh wow, Wolfenstein’s only a fiver! It’s made by those guys that did Doom using the same engine! What a bargain.

I can’t believe they got me again!

I have played that Doom game on both PC and Switch, I liked it on both :sunglasses:


Ever been got by them on repeated incidents, @Bamnan ?

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I’ll just never get over the novelty of stuff running on a tiny machine. Don’t care that I can only see about 3 pixels

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I thought that this was going to be @The_Respected_User down a well again


Ladies and gentlemen, I can’t believe we’ve been got by them again.


on to your question though, I tried that awful garlic dip that comes with Papa John’s pizza and it was the worst thing I’ve ever tasted that wasn’t Hershey’s chocolate. Ordered again a long time later and didn’t really believe the dip could have been as bad as I thought…it was.


makes no sense to me as the Dominos garlic dip is delicious

I can’t believe that Big Papa John got you again!

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he’s not a good man

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*logs into DiS *

I can’t believe they’ve got me again!


Deleted the deliveroo app but it works exactly the same on chrome don’t it

I can’t believe that Deliveroo got you again!

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More like I played myself now I think about it

I can’t believe @3FtTallRabbityThing got me again!