I can't get this feeling out of my head that something cataclysmic will happen to the human race within say 30 years


there is no science behind this theory. well, a little light reading on climate change and an ingrained sense of impending doom.

so, my theory is that there will be a massive change in the climate, which in turn will lead to mass immigration. the immigration will fuel the already fever-pitched sense of paranoia and there will be some sort of third world war as a result. not a traditional war, some next level paranoia based warfare

other than a few years, I have always lived in the same town and have definitely noticed a stark change in the weather. September is the new August, etc. was reading something the other day from some leading climatologist who suggested that it’s actually pointless recycling. the damage is already done. good stuff!

there may and should be a debate to be gleaned from these ridiculous words

go ahead



I’m an optimist. Necessity is the mother of invention. As a planet we’re behaving pretty terribly right now, but sooner or later things are gonna get so desperate there’ll be a huge economic incentive to sort out our environmental mess. At that point mega money will flow towards green technologies and everything will be fine.


Don’t worry, you’ll still be posting here cheif.


part of me thinks it would be fun living in a post-apocalyptic society. well, if not fun at least it wouldn’t be boring.

in reality it’d obviously be well shit though.


bagsy be mad max, original mad max


And DiS will still be broken


hope not, man. would like to be completely off the grid within 10 years tbh. goat farmer on the Peruvian foothills, or something


totally agree, there are lots of threads of things that are going wrong, no real will to address them


Can you see it yet?


I think I can


a good pal of mine has a farm in chile, think that’s where i’ll be heading


The country famous for its active volcanoes and frequent earthquakes. Good luck with that.


I think it’s people misusing the ability to edit other people’s thread titles


aye but i’ll be on a farm, drinking malbec. pffft volcanoes


Shake before drinking.


I’m more worried about technological singularity.


what does this mean, man?


It’s 2016 and it’s literally impossible to make a working forum for a popular music site. I think we’re a ways off yet.


AI, and (amongst other things) how it will out manoeuvre us despite any effort we make to prevent it.