I can't remember what time banal starts

But I had two pints at lunch and i’m sure as shit not doing any more work today.

Sup wiyoo guys?

literally counting down the minutes until 5pm

If I don’t get a load of work done this afternoon, I’m going to have an absolute shiter of a Monday.

Any minute now.


Hi Eric!

It’s nice to see you back on DiS :slight_smile:


Hi Eric!

Absolutely done myself editing a spam thread’s title. I’m well bored.

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I’d quite like a couple of pints about now.

However I’m both at work and on a bit of a drinking hiatus* so I’ll have to settle for a pint of delicious water. Yay.

*Can I resist picking up a couple of bottles of wine from ASDA on my way home? Stay tuned!

have eaten two quarks. probably shouldn’t have.

going gym in a bit.

I still have 6hrs at work. Give me strength



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Cold out

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My brother is on a ferry to Ireland and has gotten sick at least once already. He’s starting on the whiskey now so I expect that count to go up.

pints pints pints pints pints

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well not yet, just what I’m thinking about :thinking: :beers:

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One of my favourite tweets.


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this is one of those things I’ve seen before and laughed at but I have absolutely no idea what the origin of it is or what it’s supposed to mean

about to leave the office for a contact lens check up. one of them feels a bit dry and uncomfortable and it’s making me nervous about the check up for some reason.

also anxious about trying to get my hair cut somewhere afterwards. assume everywhere will be rammed at 5pm on a friday. this is probably an also unnecessary worry.

looking forward to this all being over so i can sit down and have a lovely beer and watch Jesse James.

I’m sure I saw the origin of it before but I haven’t a fucking clue these days.

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Gonna head out and get some wine when the sun’s down. Fancy a takeaway tonight but I’ve got a three course meal tomorrow and another one on Sunday and both restaurants are like three doors down from my building.


I’m having a mocha