I can't remember what time banal starts

@grievoustim I’m in Brighton on Monday and have a few hours to kill between my mate leaving and my train home. You free for a meat?

Can’t concentrate on this document because it’s got “aluminum” all through it and it’s incredibly jarring.

the fuck is a shoe cannon


Really achey and tired and struggling to concentrate on anything this afternoon.

Sitting in bed listening to IDLES Joy As an Act of Resistance. Should probably get a move on…

So if

Total = £111
Shoes = £5
Cannon = £3

Presumably the Darth Vader keyring is offers around £103??

bleeergh can’t imagine being drunk on a boat.

I went in at £102. I like a good haggle.

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want to try one of these some day but I’ve disliked every coffee apart from a latte that I’ve tried so am scared

He says he’s hungover after his work Christmas party last night. Godspeed Youngest Kallgeese.

Just got up from my nap. R was due home 22 minutes ago so I can’t really start doing anything because he could turn up any moment. Bet it’ll still be an hour until he’s back.

Ate too much haribo.

whisky is pretty fucking serious hair of the dog!

wanna be hungover now so I can get a cold can of Irn Bru and remember that it’s probably the greatest drink in the world.

Thought I’d ballsed up a phone interview yesterday by drawing a total blank on two out of the three technical questions they asked but I’ve been invited for a face-to-face on Monday :+1:



My brother does not do things by halves. He wants me to go drinking with him and his twin in Dublin tomorrow night but I’m avoiding it as it’ll be chaos. We haven’t all drank together in years.

not since the bass amp incident?

what’s yer fav Haribo FL?

Gotta be the classic cherry for me.

Fuck the fried egg tho!

If only they had been there during that, I could have done with a hand.

fucking hell you didn’t get it out of the river did you?!?!