I can't stand


Bruce Springsteen. Or Bob Dylan. Or Only Fools and Horses. Or Alan Carr.

Is that ok?




Cheers :ok_hand:



I can understand reasons behind not liking all of those tbh tbf :+1:


it’s fine but you are depriving yourself of some of the greatest art of the 20th century. bob dylan and bruce springsteen are q good too


harsh on Alan Carr


Only Fools and Horses>Bruce Springsteen>>>>>>>>>>>>Alan Carr>Bob Dylan


I like a lot of Bob Dylan’s songs. I just prefer them when performed by other people.


Bruce Springsteen is quite bad, Bob Dylan is quite good, Only Fools and Horses was great, Alan Carr is unbearable.


Bob Dylan>Brucie>Carr>Horses


The bob>The boss>The Plonker>The Funny Man


Dylan > Springsteen > Only Fools > Chatty Man


chatty man thst’s what i meant


the clue was that he isn’t funny


meh he’s ok. probably a good laugh on a night out


I don’t like him or owt I just hate Fools and Horses.


Whatever the opposite of this is.


The rain, 'gainst my window?


wasn’t an easy choice but i can remember a time in my young life when i found only fools vaguely amusing and was quite attracted to raquel