I choo-choo-choosday

Tjena tjabba hallå! It’s Tuesday! What does this fine day bring for you?

I keep waking up insanely early for some reason, which is not much fun. hbu? What’s new?

Lying on a chair in hospital. Wife waters broke. 4 weeks early :neutral_face::pensive::anguished: So that’s not great, but we’ll see how we go. Sleeping ain’t happening. So tired


Wisihing you the best x


Work, been walking to and from work recently in order to get fit (10mile round trip) but a part ofm e thigh is really sore so not sure if I can do it today which is fucking me right off -_-

Other than that it’s all gravey :smiley:

Apparently I’m most like Gaddafi.

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Good luck!

Morning. Best of luck to @Im_On_Safari

Busy day at work in store. Preparing for a visit from a couple of directors of the company tomorrow, but as per, CBA.

Someone in Canada has stolen a load of photos of UK standups and passed them off as their own photos of ordinary Calgary residents to get $20K CAD from the government:


Blame Canada, I guess.


My alarm is about to go off. Cba.


Was working until almost midnight to prep for a conf call at 7am this morning.
Got up to an email from my boss that the call has been cancelled…
Going back to bed.


Open letter to everyone who has some kind of conscience/humanity: Why are you still sharing LADBible content on social media? Stop it. You’re supporting a group of fuckwits who think women are subhuman

(It’s all stolen anyway so if the video is that funny just find the original version on YouTube or whatever, FFS.)


Woke up feeling full of cold and still got no voice.

Somehow didn’t bring the book home with heads mobile in so cant ring in sick, therefore I am heading into work, pretty sure tomorrow I’ll be off though. Will whack it in my phone as soon as I get there…I am rubbish.

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My fiancée went in yesterday with a terrible cold. Was promptly sent home after tutor by both her line manager and the head. So that might happen, You never know.

Flying down to fackin laahndan for a meeting, that’s abkut it.

You won’t often hear this in education but you’re human and humans get ill sometimes.

Don’t feel guilty but definitely save the sickness number in future.


I’m up early to make sure I’m prepared for either of the classes I might be teaching today.

This is one of the first times since I started that I genuinely can’t be arsed with my job (as opposed to not being arsed to do my job.)

Only three Mondays until Xmas though, yeah?

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morning! huh the reply box is different

having :coffee: would like :egg:s but don’t have any :egg:s

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Urgh fuck there is still some leaking.

Just had a coffee, used some scales to measure the water didn’t I.

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