I choo-choo-choosday

Good choice. A favourite method of mine.

See my desire for each hob ring to have a built-in scale so that you can avoid using measuring devices when adding ingredients while cooking.


So there’s water coming through your ceiling but not apparently coming from anywhere in the flat above? Is there maybe another false ceiling in your flat you’ve not seen? :frowning:


30g off coffee for two, 30g of water at a time. Don’t let the water touch the filter!!!

Morning, have to do some work today then I’m hunting for info on my secret Santee’s likes and dislikes

Sorry about your plumbing woes pnik, sounds like a massive headache

It’s coming through the wall. Nothing on the ceiling.

It’s not bad but it needs sorting. It’s now coming down the window and pooling very slightly on the sill. I’ve located some leak detection companies so probably gonna have to call them tonight.

it’s better with fresh coffee



You’re in the best place. Good luck.

Hmm, yeah that sounds weird. Seeping through the brickwork somehow via a runoff from the roof? I literally don’t understand this shit.

Morning all. Slept really well last night (didn’t wake between 11ish and 6.10). Sunrise is cool this morning:

I’m conducting interviews today so I’m in a suit. Too dozy to be dapper though.

Good luck @Im_On_Safari! @plasticniki I’ve been racking my brains re: your leak but I’d have to see the outside of the building to have a better idea. Morning everyone else!


I know! Am putting it my phone right now :grin:

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Aw that’s nice. …we will see. Nativity rehearsal first thing so that’ll be fun!

Went looking for a stretching animal.

Wtf Is this?! It’s far too cute, it’s ridiculous. This panda looks like a Mogwai.



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Getting the train down to that London today. Seeing an ATD for dinner. Let’s pretend I don’t have loads of work to do as well, eh?


Sore throat is developing into fully fledged cold and snot fest. Forgot to fill up my water bottle for train to Edinburgh so my throat isn’t happy.

Not sure about trouser/sock/shoe selection either.


Shower then hitting up the library. Planned my friends birthday last night, we’re going to make him a roast dinner!

hi guys, I’m in my dressing gown with a hot water bottle, coffee and a packet of extra strong mints.

I know you’re all jealous!


Still in bed. Might just stay here tbh. Cba.