I Choo Choo Chooseday Thread


It’s my first day off so of course I’m awake at 6am.

Big up preparations today for going to Devon tomorrow. Pick up the car, go to play dominoes, have the kids overnight, pack, tidy round, good times.


Got up a bit before my alarm so am using the extra time to treat myself to beans on toast for breakfassssttt

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Where bounce in Devon?

Morning he_2!

Thunderatorms forecast in Bristol today. Please can we have the heatwave back?



Sidmouth again - third time inside a year.

Gonna head down via the National Tank Museum tomorrow, meeting some pals who as it happens are playing cricket there on Thursday (pure coincidence), then the folk festival starts in the town on Friday so I’ll go and have a look at some of that quietly before driving back Saturday via a Non-League game or friendly somewhere.


Hoo boy that beans on toast was really



Not this time


Pretty similar to you. First day off of my holiday. Getting a haircut and beard trim from my man Hector, packing up and going back to my parent’s for wedding prep.


Work in a bit, another busy slog ahead. But it’s my Friday so I don’t care!

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Met office says it’ll rain rlly bad later

But I still feel like a right barnaby slinging this massive raincoat with me underneath the clear blue skies

thunderstorm threat level yellow

top anime, that


Missed my connecting train to work too which means I have to stay later and make up the time

Up. Got to get kids hair cut, my haircut, collect currency and buy some sliders today. That’s pool shoes not mini burgers.

Better do breakfast first.

@he_2 love the tank museum! Great day out isn’t it?

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Yeah, I went as a kid and it was great. Have driven near it a couple of times over the past year and this is the time.

Have the Fleet Air Arm Museum still to do - will get that done during the football season at some point.

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Ha, let me know when and we can finally meats. :heart_eyes:

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Slept badly and slept in again. Can we just move to a 2 day working week already

Aw fuck have a meeting at 9 as well need to engage fast walking mode

Morning. Already been up and done a circuits class and now I’m back in bed. Bit scared to look at my emails after two days off. Flying to Loldon in a bit - better not still be hot as my hotel room doesn’t have air con.