I choo choo Tuesday

Hi mates, how’s it hanging? Remember to stay hydrated and wear plenty of suncream, it’s gonna be a scorcher!

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Morning tuna! Just smashed the toilet cistern lid. Happy tuesday!


Hey Tuna, Thewarn

Going to be a heavy day. Have a really shitty investigation to complete and it’s going to suck. Can’t wait to finish at 3

You’re supposed to sit on the seat, idiot.

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Hi Tuna, Warny, Rich, all.

Got a busy day ahead but then it’s my weekend so that’s ok. Gonna be a lowly 21 degrees here but that’s already about 10 above my optimum temperature. Might go and do the big shop after work at the fancy revamped big Morrisons in Plymstock, excitement city.

@rich-t that sounds shitty, hope it goes as well as it can.

Oh goodness, maybe reconsider your diet?


I seem to recall the person doing the saxophone in this video is the not the person who played it on the recording. Film and television is such lies.

Eddie Murphy laugh

What were you doing? Trying to replace the Bloo thingie?

Power to you Wileycat. However can I just say I absolutely love that you decided to cook a tagine at midnight.


Paint eyes on your eyelids? :grimacing:

Good luck surviving the day WC

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Been up since 3 with a poorly dog. Have to go to an all-day meeting in an office with no air-con. Fucks sake.

Morning tuna et al :wave:

It’s my great aunt Rose’s funeral today, I don’t think her death has really hit me yet so I hope I don’t get too upset while there. Plus a funeral in this heat will be interesting…

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Hope it all goes ok dingers, sorry for your loss :heart:


Feeling chipper currently as I have hazelnut milk for my cold brew (usually have it black, this is a rare treat when hazelnut milk is on offer) and also I made my first ever successful soft-boiled egg! Usually over do them and make them too solid to dip, but not this time! Not being woken up at 4am today is probably helping too.

Might go library early, otherwise staying out of the sun.


Hope it goes as well as it can do. X

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Dressed all in black, it’s HOT being unhappy about your body in summer.


To Tuesday I say this:

Washed my hair with cold water over the bath and then boiled a kettle to have a stand up wash in the sink. I’m not feeling at my freshest.


I hate it

God, I had a brainfart this morning making my flat white with our little machine: poured the milk into the jug (weighing it out - 72g @ma0sm) and then the girl asked about something and when I turned back I forgot to froth it and poured the lot into my coffee shot. So I had an almost-cold milky coffee shot basically.