I Choo-Choose Tuesday

Well, I don’t, but it’s here nonetheless.

Decided it was warm enough to cycle in without leggings this morning.

I was wrong. My thighs were frozen and have now gone all itchy after a hot shower. Looking forward to my imminent chilblains.

WBU, huns?

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Was on the train at 6.15 this morning. Nearly at kings cross.
Might go to dishoom for breakfast


Giving you a like for that thread title (and opening line), Warny. Good work.

Work. Long day probably as I’m on a professional shadowing thing in Glasgow tomorrow and I’m behind in loads of things.

Saw Alita last night. Mince, but really enjoyable mince if you like crazy SF worldbuilding and architecture and design, all of which I really do.

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Speaking to some people about a job today :grimacing:

Interviewing 7 people today :grimacing: (good luck raanraals)


Back to work by train today. My legs are aching from walking so much over the weekend. Absolutely knackered as well.

Going out for a meal tonight, for someone’s birthday. I could really do without it.

Have a meeting today about the Chinese attempt to rebuild the Silk Road.
Should be interesting at least. Hope there’s biscuits at this one.

Here we go again, another day indistinguishable from the last :confetti_ball:

Just got up. Having a chocolate and orange hot cross buns and a cup of tea.

Off to see a friend in a bit. Then dentist later…

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Just reading the new silk roads. Fascinating stuff/kind of makes you realise that all the Trump/Brexit/EU stuff is increasingly a bit of an insular side-show.

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morning all

working from wfh today because a) I have loads of work to do b) there’s no actual need to go in as I have no meetings etc. and c) we moved desks this week and my new desk is shit. hoping for a productive day, not convinced though

Day 2 of new job. Just wound up driving my car through a sea of forklift trucks in a failed attempt to find the way to the secret carpark folks in my office use :+1:


sounds a bit terry pratchett


Oh man, those bacon naans.

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I think this is the first time I’ve seen the word chillblains used outside an Enid Blyton book.

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Think it’s in the selfish giant too, but yeah.

I used to be terrified of getting them as a kid for some reason.

Hello! I am on the tube to work. My earbuds are out of battery :sob:

I’ve volunteered to help at one of the info desks at work. Gonna be carnage.

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First day back in work after a week and a half of horrible chest infection and the excitement of Manchester over the weekend. Got so much to catch up on. :persevere:

Today is one of those days where if I pulled myself together and got my head in gear I could probably have all my work completed by lunchtime. However, this won’t happen and I’ll arse about until about midday before deciding that tomorrow is probably best for a good, fresh run at it all.

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There’s probably a secret thread on the staff internal social media platform about it.

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