I consider this to be quite shit


Is it gin o’clock yet? Because I like gin.

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Pimm’s must be narked that their catchphrase got nabbed by an entirely different booze.

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Fuck Pimms. It’s the year 2000-and-gin on the planet Gin. Gin?

One of our mates has a clock that has a ‘Gin’ marker on it instead of the seven, which I always think of as ridiculous because even he wouldn’t drink gin at 7:00AM, and he normally starts much earlier than 7:00PM.


personally can’t imagine displaying something in my home with words on it

We’ve got a couple of bits with words on by a local artist whose work we liked at an art fair thing, but other than that it’s more your standard fare

Might be controversial but I don’t think I like the idea of having art in my house. What if I don’t want to look at that bit of art that day? Do I have to take it down every time?

Personally I find the stuff we have, all of which I like, blends into the background after a while, and then you notice it properly occasionally and it’s really nice

Maybe I just need to be purchasing more confrontational art, idk

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yeah maybe I could get down with something abstract and gentle.

Also I think I would stress about things being hung perfectly straight and making sure everything was at the same height to be symmetrical etc

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Oh, in that it helps to be slovenly

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what do you expect for only £21.90


yeah pretty sure they have to specify if it is not what you asked for, literally no one cares if it is coke or pepsi, I say this as someone who prefers coke

By the way, just started watching Prime Suspect and may have been harsh on the quality of the picture. It’s streets ahead of Cracker.

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Yeah I know

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vibes for me.

I recall a guy on my course at uni got a bar job and when I visited him at work I asked for a Coke and he was all, “Right, I have to tell you that we only do Pepsi and check if you’re okay with that.”

And really what I’m saying is I’m about to mount that anecdote on a piece of metal and see if I can get people to pay £20 to own it on Amazon UK.


Is anyone here old enough to remember when Coca-Cola (commercially disastrously) changed its recipe for a few months in '85, and was it quite as shit as some people considered it?

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Yeah it is actually quite irksom how wide off the mark that novelty bit of tat is on the subject

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People just fear change, it rated better in controlled tests, we could live in a world with slightly better coke but we let it slip away