I created a new system to rank songs according to quality instead of sales

Hi Pietro, I largely agree with you. Just a heads up: the people on this site have famously poor taste in music, so they might not be very receptive to your ideas.


hi CG



Is this who it is?

His signature model is even worse http://www.mattissonbass.com/basses/series-iv-henrik-linder-signature/

Thanks the Creation there is someone who understands me! For a minute I felt like being in The Truman Show.

here he is, mr noise improv



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Palm muting is great if you’re playing 60s pop, or country. Combine it with the shortscale of the Mustang Bass I play and you get a nice middy thump.

tbh one look at that thumbnail and i assume the band would be some terrible emo shite doing chuggy drop D whatever

I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t bother my hole listening to it.

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Well, you will be quite surprise how far you are from guessing. Dirty Loops are a stellar band, they definitely worth a listen!

I’m sorry but I have an allergy to slap bass


:joy: :joy: :joy:

Can’t believe that Dirty Loops song is 8 minutes long.

Anyway, I sort of want to give it a 10 just for the pure balls of it all.

Oh god Eric, so much worse

Their arrangements are advanced stylistically, borrowing from jazz and jazz fusion, gospel, funk, electronica, pop, and disco. They are known for their jazz fusion reharmonized covers of pop songs

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I will be singing Vijay Iyar in the shower?

  • Yes!
  • I already do, of course!

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:joy: that did steal a giggle

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