I created a tool to track releases of the artists you follow on Spotify!

Longtime lurker, first time poster. I’ve read Drowned in Sound off and on over the years and looked through the forums once in awhile. I’m looking for some beta testers for this new web app I’m working on and I think this crowd would be interested.

Hedphones is a simple tool that allows you to see the releases of all the artists you follow on Spotify. I’ve opened up 50 beta slots, and I think around 10 are taken as of this post.

I wrote a blog post to explain what Hedphones is all about: Say Hello to Hedphones

Or you can skip all that and go straight to the beta signup form.

Let me know what you think!

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Come back when you’ve wasted 13 years of your life mate. THEN we can talk.

:thinking: Lumaconi. I love me some stuffed pasta shells.

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will it tell us when sean’s developer releases their dubstep album?

quite an indie choice there, nice

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That’s fair. I totally understand if I’m overstepping my welcome. I really do think people here might benefit from what I’m working on, but if I need to lay off, I will. I’ll still be sticking around to read what people are listening to!

Nah fair enough, you were open with what you said. I don’t use spotify though.

Just out of curiosity… How quickly could you lay your hands on a sieve?


So I just went and checked. Approximately 0.3 seconds.

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He’s got you there balonz.

He’s got you there.

EDIT: Or she.

That’s quick. Can’t deny it.

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You assumed my gender correctly! lol.

Zxcvbnm is a tech bro

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Nah. I worked for a startup for almost 2 years. It was like watching HBO’s Silicon Valley every day. I’ll stick with bootstrapping this myself without investor help. Investors suck.

No the guy assigning genders, not you.

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Ah. Whoops.