I currently have 8 (eight) big pots of yogurt in my fridge





What’re we talking here? Onken sized?




onken ?

reckon i could eat 8 big pots of onken in one go (like sort of pint glass sized?)

then i’d do a runny poo or 6


what’s the least expected recipe you use them in?


Yes, Onken sized (500g I think?)


I think they are all Onken!


can you please eat of 8 of them in one go to test it before i attempt it (nb i don’t have 8 pots of onken to hand)


The yogurt fridge in my local Co-op is broken, but they still keep on getting deliveries meaning they have nowhere to put them but the bottom of the pizza fridge, so they’re discounting them to like 30-50p each. Hard to resist.


There are two Dairy Collective (£1.50 ea in Sazzers atm) in my fridge, so feel free to also ask me things too


I don’t really use them in cooking, just for breakfast / pudding.


whats a dairy collective?


Were they on offer? Do you have any plans for them?


I am not even sure I could eat one in one go.




scale of 1-10 how much do you hate the word “froyo” ?

scalle of 1-10 how much do you like eating “froyo” ?



Should amend the first post to

AMA after you’ve read the fucking thread first, you dongs.


I can recommend this for a way to get rid of 3 (three) tablespoons of it.


no good for either teeth or gums