I’d dance to that at a wedding/ birthday party

Let’s find the song that would be most successful getting DISers onto the dancefloor

For context, this is a wedding or birthday party type dancefloor scenario where you are feeling as safe and unselfconscious as it is possible for you to feel

I’ll start us off with the song I’ve probably requested at more work Xmas parties and the like as any other

  • I’d dance to Kiss by Prince
  • I would not

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  • Of course
  • Not for me

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  • time for a dance
  • no joy for me, thank you

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I’ll dance to it whilst explaining that the track works much better as the climax to an excellent album than a stand alone song these days

  • “I’ll wait this one out, as I have taste. What’s that? Yes, I have been sitting here on my own for two hours, but that’s because I have taste. Hopefully they’ll play some proper music, like Mt Eerie or Why? or something”

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  • I just don’t like dancing
  • I’ll dance to anything at a wedding
  • depends on the song, obviously

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I’m not meaning to have a go at people who don’t like dancing - appreciate that it can make some people feel deeply uncomfortable. Just want to know who’s gonna click yes/no to literally every poll regardless

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@Gnometorious I’m genuinely shocked and a little upset by this

I worked at a wedding venue for 8 years. Probably worked upwards of 150 weddings in that time.

This thread is going to be nigh-on PTSD-inducing.


I start off every wedding sitting nursing my pint and refusing to dance until somebody physically drags me out to the dancefloor and then I’ll end up happily staying there for the remainder of the night. Every time.


you should start a few polls with the most ridiculous songs you’ve heard to see what DiS makes of the choices

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  • Well of course.
  • The beat confuses me and my feet

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  • ‘Stacy’s Mom’ has got it going on
  • Stacey, can’t you see? it’s just not the song for me

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I’ll dance to most things but have some hard lines around songs that I’m sick to the back teeth of hearing

Born Slippy

Basically loads of stuff that got way overplayed in the 90s and people of my age seem to never ever get bored of

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Cracking up at the idea of someone having Born Slippy as their first dance now.

  • Would dance to most of these if I’ve had the right amount of booze
  • Just not gonna dance Jesus stop asking

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I can imagine that this is why people have a problem with Mr Brightside

it’s not like it’s a nostalgic thing, everyone’s heard it several times a year for 15 years even if you do everything you can to avoid it

Mr Brightside is of course, a fucking banger of a tune tho

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I wish I could remember more of the zanier choices but in reality my memories are just a dreary sludge of Love Shacks and Come On Eileens and Sexy and I Know Its and Gangnam Styles

Prior to our wedding last year Mrs F listened to every single track on her ipod and curated two huge playlists, one for the immediate reception and one for the evening event. It took her about a fortnight.

Then we forgot to play it at the reception.


clicked the stop asking option cos I hate being asked to dance so, so much

I’ll fucking dance if I want to, possibly for hours, even when sober… but if I don’t want to, nothing on earth will convince me to dance

  • on the dance room floor
  • it wasn’t me

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