I’d love to meet David Pajo one day and tell him how much I love the second Do Make Say Think album

I met him once and told him Live from a shark cage was a beautiful album… If i met him again i’d add that Scream with me is delightful and could he come and play it in my local.

‘No man, my one and true love has always been Zwan’


What did he say in return?

I want to meet Grant Nicholas from Feeder and ask him how come he doesn’t write songs like Today anymore

Still waiting for a reply for my tweet


Is that ‘Goodbye Enemy Airship?’ bloody great album that. I had a period in the early 2000s where I bought almost everything released on constellation in those lovely little cardboard CD covers and this was certainly one of the best of those.

Still maintain the last track on their debut, ‘The Fare to Get There’ is their absolute high water mark but ‘Minim’ off ‘Enemy Airship’ gets close.

Had no idea Pajo was involved or is this some convoluted Smashing Pumpkins joke I haven’t got?

Goodbye Enemy Airship, aye.

Only listened to the debut once. Didn’t get into it at all.

Most of the debut is just ‘fine’ but that last track is superb!

thanks man, thanks for coming out.

It was brief but enjoyable. Outside the roadhouse in Manc


Winter Hymn, Country Hymn, Secret Hymn is my favourite of theirs.

(is what I might tell him, although I’d say yours instead of theirs obviously)

Think I’d genuinely be a little bit star struck if I met David Pajo. He strikes me as a genuine good egg too so he’d probably find that weird.

Yeah, i was a bit stunned. It was in 2001 though so he wasn’t quite at the legend status in my head - it was more like mystique as back then i wasn’t all over the internet and those Slint stories of them going into a psychiatric ward after spiderland still felt very real. Really wanted to talk Slint but he was touring shark cage so i thought i’d keep it relevant. The gig was amazing.