I did it all for the gnocchi (lunch)


im having leftovers as above, but what about YOU?

If everyone other than you disappeared off the face of the earth
Monday evening
Comfort Food - The Cuddling

I’m having leftovers. pasta.

I’ve just sacrificed an invitation for a burrito for it.


Got a thai green chicken curry that I made yesterday half-cut. Might bung it in the science oven as it’s stinking out my fridge.


i’ll probably have 'em for tea. join me! in… mexican monday


I now have the sonic delights of Limp Bizkit as an earworm. Cheers for that.


Depends what the canteen is sayin, init.


everyone! I’m going round eric’s house for tea!




#Pancakes over a haggis toastie! Smh.


listen, pal


Can’t Gnocch the Hustle - Jay Z
Break Ya Gnochh - Busta Rhymes
Gnocchin’ on Heaven’s Door - Bob Dylan


I just… :expressionless:

It’s going to take some time to get over this.


It’s “Chinese week” in the cafe at work so I have chicken chow mein. Was pretty nice.

Had a banana and all.


I’m never sure about chinese food at lunch time. Dunno why.


i mean i have no desire to eat a veggie haggis toastie if i’m perfectly honest. there were a bunch of other stalls that looked good (tofu burger looked amazing) but i realised i didn’t have much cash so went in a really rubbish cafe and it was a mistake and I REGRET MY DECISION OKAY???


Passable sandwiches and a small quiche thing at a lunch meeting. 5/10.


not sure i like how you’re pronouncing gnocchi here, pal



“burger bar” day in the canteen. It was exactly as good as you’d expect a canteen burger to be.


Veggie Nasi Lemak With Spiced Eggs, Fresh Cucumber, Chilli Sambal & Peanuts


you’re a class act, hoogini