I did it all for the gnocchi (lunch)


im having leftovers as above, but what about YOU?

Monday evening
Comfort Food - The Cuddling

I’m having leftovers. pasta.

I’ve just sacrificed an invitation for a burrito for it.


Got a thai green chicken curry that I made yesterday half-cut. Might bung it in the science oven as it’s stinking out my fridge.


i’ll probably have 'em for tea. join me! in… mexican monday


I now have the sonic delights of Limp Bizkit as an earworm. Cheers for that.


Depends what the canteen is sayin, init.


everyone! I’m going round eric’s house for tea!




#Pancakes over a haggis toastie! Smh.


listen, pal


Can’t Gnocch the Hustle - Jay Z
Break Ya Gnochh - Busta Rhymes
Gnocchin’ on Heaven’s Door - Bob Dylan


I just… :expressionless:

It’s going to take some time to get over this.


It’s “Chinese week” in the cafe at work so I have chicken chow mein. Was pretty nice.

Had a banana and all.


I’m never sure about chinese food at lunch time. Dunno why.


i mean i have no desire to eat a veggie haggis toastie if i’m perfectly honest. there were a bunch of other stalls that looked good (tofu burger looked amazing) but i realised i didn’t have much cash so went in a really rubbish cafe and it was a mistake and I REGRET MY DECISION OKAY???


Passable sandwiches and a small quiche thing at a lunch meeting. 5/10.


not sure i like how you’re pronouncing gnocchi here, pal



“burger bar” day in the canteen. It was exactly as good as you’d expect a canteen burger to be.


Veggie Nasi Lemak With Spiced Eggs, Fresh Cucumber, Chilli Sambal & Peanuts


you’re a class act, hoogini