I didn't go to uni today cos I have a mild cold and couldn't be arsed

everyone tell me it’s okay and that I won’t struggle with the bit I missed today

i’ve eaten 2.5 meals today but i’m still hungry

i went to two seminars for one of my uni modules and ended up with a 2:1 on it. Don’t sweat it pal.


i got a 2:1 even though my dissertation was basically ‘sound and images go together and that’s how films work’

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I am not well - and i have eaten nothing but bread based food today

toast with marmalde for breakfast

toast with Lotus biscuit spread for a snack

bagel with ham and cheese for lunch

i got a letter in my first year telling me i was going to get chucked out as i never turned up for anything

and i got 2.1 (nearly a first don’tchaknow)


michelle from eastenders nearly got a first

Today I left my house at 8.50 instead of 8.45 and I didn’t even care! mental!

I then urged all not to do the NSS

great day in uni tbh

It’s okay and you won’t struggle with the bit you missed. If you get a chance to stay at home I’d say take it.

I have a cold too. They’re tossers aren’t they? Everytime I have one I think “Once my nose is unblocked I am going to be so grateful for being able to breathe without difficulty”

peas in a pod me and her.


it’s fine. I didn’t go once because I heard the continuity announcer on tv say that zulu was on next as I was about to leave

Gunna work from home tomorrow because I don’t want to go to work

was pretty close to a first but I fucked it up due to not bothering with things in the second year

today I’ve been attempting to apply for a job i don’t really want and I won’t get and it’s not really surprising i can’t be bothered with it

Almost certainly be fine.

For some of our courses in Physics, it was clear that every lecture was a different concept, more or less, and when it came to the exam you were faced with three questions from which you had to pick 2, and each question was basically “can you please show you not only attended this lecture but regurgitate the proofs from it”.

I went to all but two lectures. I was still shit because I am rubbish at remembering stuff.

You should go, they’re better than work.

I wish I was back at uni (sort of)

is this friendly or patronizing? (It should sound patronizing, that’s what I’m aiming for)

  • did no work, got a 2:1
  • did no work, got a 2:2
  • got a weird grade
  • dropped out

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nice, man. mine was basically ‘religions are all the same and they should all just get on’.

Just thought of this to the tune of Rosie and Jim: rosé and Pimms, rosé and Pimms

no one goes to uni unless its for exams ffs