I didn't know bituminous was a word




I did. I’ve written it in patent applications.

Yes I DO have an interesting and fulfilling job, thank you for noticing.


What does it mean?


of, containing, or of the nature of bitumen.


Bituminous girl, always living in a bituminous world


does it mean it’s like bitumen

edit: fuckin does as well


damn all these bituminous girls, that’s why it’ll never work


peeve: people that pronounce asphalt like ash falt


One of my pacific dislikes


bituminous girl
I wanna coat roofs with you


tell me more


having shitloads of bitcoin


Ooo! Bit U!
Minous too
And your daddy!


bit bit bit


Had a client who regenerated asphalt using common waste substances. Learned a lot about aggregates and - wait for it - bituminous binders.

It was all very, very exciting.


That boy needs therapy?


I get this reference


Original title for crime drama set in 1930s Birmingham and starring Cillian Murphy needed work.