I do believe it is Friday

Cor, hard to get out of bed at the moment isnt it?

Having a bagel and coffee. Hoping to get a big project signed off at work today so might go to the pub at lunchtime if all goes well… and if it doesnt.

wuu2 today huns?


Morning @ericVII !

Yes, very hard to get out of bed. I am so tired.

Good news though as the hotel did not charge me for the wine I had last night!


Another zoom free Friday today. Better still I got half the things I had planned to do today yesterday afternoon. There is that one job I’ve been putting off all week though…

Since I’ve not got much on, I’ll be doing the school run for a change. Might get myself a croissant or something while I’m out

Trying to decide whether to go see The Tempest on my bill later.

  • Go out and get that culture
  • Stay in and eat crisps

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Take crisps with you, don’t think anyone will mind


Mornin all.

Lovely frosty morning here. Gonna take the small, furry animal for a walk shortly.

Need to pop into work to pick some bits up, so will do that around lunchtime and probably get something nice for lunch while I’m in town.

I’ll mind.

Fell down the entire staircase earlier. I’m sore


dunno whether to get a Covid test or not, how do I know if I have a high temperature?

I really like The Tempest and I’m genuinely sorry I couldn’t come along.

Look after yourself please!


Morning - I’m in Bristol!

Need to do a days work while more friends arrive and go to the pub without me which is going to be distracting, then out for drinks and hopefully see some fireworks etc

Morning all!

I’ve now got six assignments to be returned around 9.30 and thirteen due at 1.30.

My morning is very much admin, setting appointments for next week, and I’ve got a short class to run this afternoon before doing a similar task there.

Good morning good folk!
Day off, but am going to be productive (surely saying that out loud that will help). Writing and perhaps part-time work hunting. Currently listening to Faraquet (who I’d forgotten existed). Have a nice day!

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fuck it can’t hurt to be safe can it?


Ah I forgot about Faraquet too! :heart:


Yeah go for it. Do you have any other symptoms?

not really just woke up feeling rough today and feel like my chest is hot but not extremely so



thanks :slight_smile: