I do/do not think Larry David was right in this scenario

Hello, as per the title of the thread, this is a game called “I do/do not think Larry David was right in this scenario”.

The premise is that we each post a clip from the television programme Curb Your Enthusiasm featuring Larry David (who plays himself!), alongside a poll that poses the question of whether we think Larry was right or wrong in the clip’s scenario.

According to the good people at Consequence of Sound, “Larry speaks for all of us anxious weirdos by doing and saying all the things we’re afraid to. And that’s why we love him.”.

But do the good people of Drowned IN Sound love him, or loathe him (specifically within the clip that you post alongside the poll)?

  • Larry’s argument was right in this scenario
  • Larry’s argument was wrong in this scenario

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This is a great idea for a thread

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  • tenor

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Morning all. The thread is officially open, so you’re welcome to contribute now.

  • Larry David is right
  • Larry David is wrong

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Not gonna lie it’s gonna be really hard to vote him wrong in any scenario tbh


I’ll be honest, my motivation behind starting this thread was just so I could post/watch funny scenes where Larry gets angry.

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  • Larry was right to tell children the truth here
  • Larry was unnecessarily harsh to children

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This is Drowned in Sound, pretty much every poll is going to be 90% + in LD’s favour.

*Edit - what Pip said.

  • Larry should get in dat ass
  • Larry should have slunk out

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