I don't believe it's the Wednesday Evening thread

In Newbury for work. Trying to avoid all my colleagues so gone to a scuzzy burger place for dinner. Hbu?

Watching Simpsons, ate some burgers and then popcorn.

Still a bit hungry so might have some tea and toast in a bit.

Dunno whether to watch The Apprentice or Football or just more Simpsons later.

More Simpsons ftw


I’ve been to Newbury for work twice. First time I never made it into the office as I ate something dodgy and spent the night before in a shivering shit-addled fever. Be careful with that burger…
Second time was fine.

I am working, as per usual.

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Had a Ben’s Cookie @laelfy



Chocolate orange.


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The only thing I’ve done in Newbury is walk along the canal, which I can recommend…in daylight.

Just had half a bag of those Doritos Collisions. No idea where plasticmike is :thinking: but I’ll do some dinner (probs pasta) when he appears.

Listening: the Field

Doing: finding eating and drinking places for our holiday :es:



I’m in Lake Tahoe but it’s raining so I’m hiding in my hotel room. Found a VPN that actually fools BBC iPlayer (thanks @cutthelights) so I’m going to binge on tv today as I haven’t watched anything other than GBBO and football for two months.

Got an industrial size bag of Snyders and a vat of strawberry and kiwi snapple so I’m set for the day.


Corby was good!

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I’ve had a top couple of days auntieing. And today I had a really good first meeting about a new project that could hopefully become something really good (and that I can also get paid for).

And then I went to a thrift shop and bought some cool stuff as well :nerd_face:


My hotel has a thing where if you forego having housekeeping they give you $10 to spend in one of their restaurants. Jokes on them I hate the anxiety of housekeeping turning up so it’s a win-win for me.


About to watch a :film_strip: and eat some :pizza:

In Birmingham for work. Eating a MASSIVE :pizza: though.

I’ve got a friend from Newbury. Seems like the poshest place I’ve ever been. Is it in the Home Counties? I imagine they’re posher? but maybe it is in the Home Counties?

I just checked. its in the Home Counties fyi