I don't believe it's the Wednesday Evening thread

Literally the only thing I know about Newbury is they wanted to build a bypass in the 90s and it provoked public outrage. Did it ever get built?

Roasting a load of veg to have with some pasta. Watching better call Saul, will watch football later. 6/10 evening


Had a good morning, did a whole load of dusting and tidying (though should have done more), but then accidentally slept away a big chunk of the afternoon and things have been all down hill from there.

Have nothing to do this evening in particular, feel very boring of late.

Yes. If they hadn’t Newbury would be permanently gridlocked.

Newbury isn’t that posh FYI

I know it’s got those really nice posh pubs. I’d reckon a lot of tv chefs probably have restaurants around there.

Wouldn’t a bypass be seen as a good thing? Where I’m from everyone loves a bypass.

House has been robbed, laptop & rent money nicked, probably more besides. Housemate left his downstairs window open for ‘ventilation’, very dumb as they had £500 in cash for our rent. Really was stupid of me to leave the money with him but fuck me how stupid is this shit.

What are the basic computer security things I should do? I had a 2013 macbook with a password so all should be ok, right?

I checked the estate agent windows on arrival. Saw a 4 bed… £680k :grimacing:

I don’t think it’s that posh though cause the future queen of England was my friends next door neighbour, and she’s pretty common isn’t she.

Did you have the iCloud security stuff setup? That if so.

I don’t think i did that because I’m dumb

man that really sucks :frowning:

the world can be real shitty sometimes.

Don’t forget to hit up the DiS hardship fund if you need to x



Other than telling the police then this in that case If your Mac has been lost or stolen – Apple Support (UK)

Evenin. Having some sainos pulled pork, gonna watch :soccer:

literally this forum


That’s just standard for the south of England though…

And that’s why I don’t live there anymore :slightly_smiling_face:

didn’t you live in oxford?

My post was about the south of England though…

Oxford and Newbury are only about 25 miles apart anyway

Were you wearing braces?
Did you have slicked back hair?
Did you start waving paper in the air and shouting “BUY BUY! NO… SELL!”?


Watching the Simpsons were Bart accidentally burns the tree/presents :cry:

Also, just realised my friend once mentioned something about drinking loads of water to get up early being an old Indian trick thought he was dead clever… But he probably just got it from this episode.

Burger finished, got a bottle of Pepsi Max and some of those salted fudge KitKats to take back to the hotel. Main plan for tonight is to play Minecraft.

Perhaps in the bath?