I don't know how to feel about Echo & The Bunnymen

I really like Porcupine too. Not sure why a consensus has seemed develop that it’s a sub-standard album. The second side is perhaps not as good as the first, but it’s still a really good record,

Only really know the singles and the album evergreen but I did used to share a manager with them.

Deffo; Songs to learn and sing is nearly as good as Go-Between’s 1978-1990 which everybody knows is the best best-of album.


first 4 albums might be the best run ever, the 2nd 3rd and 4th probably are.
Evergreen was quite good.

Havent (and dont want to) hear their other new stuff

sometimes think its my fave. “My White Devil” is their best track IMO

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Great song.

Villiers Terrace will always be my favourite Bunnymen song though.


The first four albums are 'all killer, not filler (except maybe for those last two tracks on Porcupine).

Then there’s the fifth. I made my feeling known about that in the tread about eponymous albums. That dreary fucking covers says all you need to know about it.

Evergreen was okay but then Les Pattinson left and I lost interest. When I do listen to stuff they’ve done since it seems like a different band. Which it is. It’s Electricfixation.

anyone tried the Mac less Bunynyman album Reverberations?

Two cracking singles on that fifth album though

I have a soft spot for Enlighten Me, the single form Reverberation:

My personal favourite also

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This has always been one of my favourites. Mac’s voice sounds incredible here!

I remember the tone of that interview was quite dark and at the time I thought it was a reflection of where Mac’s mind and where he was in his life. Then it turns out if was probably more a piece reflecting Dave Cavanagh’s inner turmoils, conserving he threw himself under a train months later.

You may well be right about that. David Cavanagh’s death was a really sad one. His old articles in Q & Select etc are always worth reading if you come across any. If anyone wants to know a bit more about him John Harris wrote a nice obituary in The Guardian:

David Cavanagh: the writer who saw the musicians behind the music | Music | The Guardian

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