I don't like rap music


I find it vulgar, unintelligent, and constituting the path to gross riches for many people who otherwise would (should?) be in prison. I just don’t get the current adulation and adoration of rap music by scrawny, bespectacled internet bloggers/Pitchfork writers. Thought it was tantamount to a travesty that that obscene album by Kendrick Lamarr was everyone’s favourite last year.




bye CG


Well, only the good stuff.


This is:

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This is obviously a “convince me otherwise” thread. Get sharing some great hip hop cuts/jams!


Nah. Have a week, go away and listen to some hip hop yourself. Come back with some better posts up your sleeve.



Oh behave, Behave!




:grinning: can’t believe we’re still getting edgelords.



Really taking that Chelsea draw hard



I find pretty much all rap music to be aesthetically displeasing to me. And that is, basically, as far as I would ever go with my criticism of the genre. To be fair, I don’t know enough about it to say more. I just don’t like it.



Exactly. So I only go as far as to say I don’t find it aesthetically pleasing. Knowing more about it won’t change that, I am sure. I was cycling recently and thought a motorist was shouting abuse at me but it turned out that he was just listening to rap while he was driving.