I don't normally go out on Thursdays but I might make an exception for this

Heard the name but @badmanreturns should know that I don’t actually have a clue who Dick & Dom are.

See you there then?

Yeah, why not.

Da Bread Shed


Will they do the Stoke On Trent song?


You have to go and report back

Depends if I win quizeoke and get cheap entry

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Lost a little respect for them when I found out recently that they didn’t come up with any of the ideas for the show, they were just the only two people coked up enough at 8am the producers found to actually do any of it.



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Suspected this for a while, glad to have it (DiS)confirmed.

Is that venue made of bread? Reckon you should complain if it isn’t.

Course its not! It’d fall down straight away!

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It’ll be a travesty if they don’t tbh.

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