I don't really understand lifeboats

Did you know Ant, that when the Titanic sank the bakers had to go about baking and giving out fresh loaves to all the lifeboats before they got lowered in? Fuck that, I’d be jumping on one of those suckers as soon as I saw ice.

Should join a lifeboat crew then

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Oh right ok yeah those are silly. I’m sorry for calling you an ignorant clod.

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This does very little to change my opinion that the Titanic was a pretty bad boat all things considered


Failed on some of the most basic objectives for sure.

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Yeah, all ships are iceberg proof. Not the Titanic. Idiot dickheads

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To be fair this does sound like mission creep on their part

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Tone on the deck of the Titanic, gallantly refusing to board a lifeboat.

Other passengers: Wow, what a selfless hero, condemning himself so that others may live.

Tone’s inner monologue: I’m not getting on a shitty life boat, absolute joke boats, fuck that.


All the titanic lifeboats just immediately hit the same iceberg and also sank anyway, whole exercise was pointless.

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I donate to them and it’s one of those things where you weigh up value of your donation versus cost of sending you shit in the post and wonder whether anyone is benefitting anywhere…

It was personal at that point, they wanted to show it who the fucking cunt was.

sending you shit in the post

yeah this isn’t on really


A ship filling with water < a little shit boat not filling with water

Read it and understand it

Turns out the thread was a trojan horse for Tone to publicly display his philanthropy, masterful stuff.


But how is the little boat gonna avoid filling with water if the big ship can’t? I don’t get it, mate! These things are fragile as fuck compared to a big ship! I reckon that on one of my most powerful days I could turn one over and I’m nowhere near as strong as the majesty of the ocean!



The big ship has a big hole in it. The little ones don’t, they simply ride the crest of the waves

I reckon if the sea has put a hole in a big ship made of metal it’ll put one in a small boat made of wood absolutely no bother

Anyway, I really must get back to this film, not only is this poor bastard on a lifeboat, there’s a tiger of all things on there with him!


Flagrant false advertising that they don’t even have pie.