I don't think I like Pepsi Max anymore

something’s gone wrong with the flavour

I love it!


any tips on enjoying it more?

Oh I don’t particularly love it, sorry. It’s alright though.

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aw crap :frowning:

Switch to the cherry one. Best decision you’ll ever make in your life.


I might try this actually

If by “the cherry one” you mean full-fat original Coca-Cola, then yes.


Drink the proper one with sugar in.

Can I have yours?

It’s always been shite.

sure I have about half a 2 litre bottle left in the fridge

…so 1 litre

ruined it for myself by drinking irn bru again

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Love the Max. Tried raspberry flavour the other day. It was ok

You might have bought an out-of-date bottle. This happens to me sometimes, you expect that sweet Pepsi Max nectar and you get this weird sour tasting black fizz instead.

Cans are more consistent and environmentally better, albeit usually a bit more expensive.

I’m happy for you

it does have a bit of an odd aftertaste in the throat actually, gonna check the bottle

I have a strict 2 leet policy that it must all be drunk within 4 or 5 hours of it being opened, otherwise it is shite. Maybe you left it open too long? Bru Extra is a fantastic drink though.

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it is from yesterday so you could be onto something