I don't think I've ever knowingly eaten truffle

Anyone got anything to say about that?

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Not even a lindor?

No truffles in the middle of summer. Come back in the autumn and we’ll sort you out.

Funny you should mention them. Recipe the other night had me adding truffle powder to a creamy pasta sauce. I did not like the smell or flavour. The TV did though.

What do you imagine they taste like?

Well my knowledge extends to the fact that they’re fancy, pigs can snuffle them out, and they’re found in dirt.

I think I imagine they taste like dirt. But they can’t, presumably.

You think you’re such a baaaadaaaaass
You think you’re such a roughneck

They’re kind of meatry and mushroomy at the same time. Umami, if I were to be a full twat about it.

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Why are they so esteemed? Just hard to come by?

I believe they’re hard to cultivate (impossible maybe?) and seasonal, so quite labour intensive to produce because you have to find them in the wild.
The flavour is unique and very intense. You only need a few shavings really. Truffle oil is not too expensive if you want to experience the flavour (£2.50 in Tesco).

White are rarer and more expensive than black

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Well there’s yer secret santa sorted

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A pig?



i cut my teeth on wedding rings in the movies

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Truffle to me smells like gasoline farts. Is that what it’s supposed to smell like?

They’re not that nice IMO

what about trifle


Hello @AQOS just want to say that, if we hadn’t had our little chat yesterday, I would have nominated this post for POTW

@Japes - I enjoyed reading this post and I’m sorry to have not been able to nominate it

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what went down yesterday

I agreed to stop nominating posts that I enjoyed reading for POTW