I don't think I've ever met an only child who is anything other than a bit peculiar and borderline untrustworthy




you need to get out more


My gf is an only child. Genuinely think half the things she does that wind me up are #justonlychildthings


would have put money on this being a barleysugar thread


do you ever wonder what it would be like to have a younger or older sibling to bounce off?


I did?




that’s a shame


are they still in the cupboard?


Funny you should mention that - my sister STILL goes on about the time(s) I locked her in the cupboard. Top older brother bants.


Nah. We’re a great bunch o’ childs.




just stick em in a bowl of rice


Not sure ive met anyone that isn’t


I’m an only child and i’m great


So we’ve got @safebruv and @saps so far. That’s one-all I guess.


What is your hypothesis here, that siblings are needed to gain better social skills, or that these people were like it as children and it put parents off having another?


Potential beeves sub-thread:

Guess which DiSers are an only child:

  • Punkasaur
  • PinkyBrain


I’m the son of, and the father of an only child.


Time travel?