I don't think I've ever met an only child who is anything other than a bit peculiar and borderline untrustworthy



the same one?




Don’t be ridiculous.




This thread is actually a bit nasty - I’m sure you didn’t mean harm @bird but you could actually be triggering real pain saying stuff like this.

It’s a bit like the one where you were laying into people who couldn’t swim. Worse probably though.

(I mean we know @saps is a terrible human being but by all accounts his daughter is pretty great.)


exactly that. I only have very loose anecdotal evidence, but the two only child(s) round our way were peculiar as fuck. one thought he was a dinosaur and the other thought that there were aliens kicking about everywhere.

some of my only child adult friends are weird as fuck, too.


My daughter’s shit, I’m the amazing one.


that’s the spirit!


not my intention. just chucking wordzzzz out

that didn’t happen. I said it was weird that an adult couldn’t swim

he’s fine and dandy

ok mate. thanks


Too easy to bite here


Is it the case that only children are becoming more common now, as families decide to have fewer children? Be interesting to see if there’s any impact of this in a generations time (I doubt there will be but you never know).


hmmmm not that happy with you today.

giving you a wide berth.



We the reason i’m an only child is because my dad was diagnosed with cancer when my mum was pregnant and couldn’t have anymore kids because of the treatment. So it is a slightly harsh thread

I liked being an only child though, didn’t stunt my social skills at all but i might be a little bit sociopathic which makes it a lot easier


fuck off DAVE!


this has no hallmarks of a BS thread, what you on m8?


I think it’s the opposite now. The average might be going down, but it tends to be because more couples are having no children, while those that do tend to have more than one.


I’m an only child. Hated it during childhood on account of moving around every few years and having to make new friends alone and stuff.

Don’t think it’s made me weird in any way though. It’s not like everyone who has siblings is well adjusted is it?


Aye, 1 sibling over here and we’re probably both peculiar and untrustworthy


Sounds about right - although from a London-centric perspective most people I know who have had/are having kids seem to be keen to stop at one. Outside of London my mates are noticeably knocking more out (but aware this is just my circle, not anyone elses).


I’m an only child. How do I fit in with this hypothesis