I don't think there's any such thing as "the corner" any more

“Oh, it’s just around the corner”
“I’ll just pop that in the corner”

Nobody says or does these things any more. What do we put this down to?

  • A curvier world
  • A more strict adherence to the strict laws of geometry
  • A worsening of our collective vocabulary
  • Less people needing directions/people having fewer belongings to put in places
  • I disagree with the premise
  • Other (Please Specify)

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That’s me in

Used this phrase last week to give a stranger directions.
What are you on about?


Tell me more about this stranger

Maybe we should hire a ‘set piece coach’!


What the heck!?

I see “om de hoek” signs fairly regularly when the entrance to a place isn’t obvious

Nobody puts The_Respected_User in the corner! (because there’s no such thing anymore)

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Maybe a reissue of Dizzee Rascal’s Mercury prize winning debut album ‘Boy’.

That could be a joke maybe?

This thread should have been called “Have we reached peak corner?”

It was a van driver looking for Crescent House. I assume he had something to deliver.

Something sinister to deliver?

Unlikely but not impossible

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Big fan of corners, my local corner shop growing up was called “the corner shop” and was on a corner too

Its been around nearly 100 years apparently

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I think my corner shop is a straight line

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There’s a really nice restaurant in the city centre near me called The Corner. It is, unsurprisingly, on a corner.

The oval office is that shape because it’s meant to intimidate visitors

  • Of course it isn’t, shut up

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Yeah, I heard that too