I dont think we need photography, hear me out -

Just went on weekend trip away with friends went to Durdle Door, loads of people taking photos all the time all annoying some dangerous.
If we didn’t have photography we would not have any of this, never have to see pictures of babies or our friends pets, turning up to nice places would be a genuine surprise and have to be spread by word of mouth, there would be less of a conventional attractive look for people or clothing. It would be great! I am looking forward to how everyone will agree with me.

First sentence makes zero sense. Can you clarify what is happening?

But on the other hand


sorry not really into harry potter


I am banning photography, ok?

This is a take even ttf would think twice about


But how often will you look at this in the future after showing it to a few ppl, in all honesty? Can you not remember it fondly?Also no photos in this thread!

It’s like most things; good in moderation. I do think it’s a shame sometimes when you go somewhere beautiful, for example, and you see people just spending their whole time photographing or videoing and then leave, pretty much instantly, rather than taking the time to just enjoy looking at it.

However, it’s always lovely to have a few pictures as a souvenir of some nice things you’ve done in your life, to show your friends, or to reminisce about decades later.

Think there’s definitely an oversaturation of people photographing and videoing absolutely everything but that doesn’t mean that good photography isn’t good, and it’s nice to have photos



ok I’m in

In the old days finding a few photos of your Mum and dad when they were young or a of your Grandparents I can accept is good thing but imagine your kids sifting through 1000 plus photos for every year of your life! Ridiculous

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Disagree, but it’d be nice if restaurants started charging people, say, 25% more if they want to photograph food they buy.


Ok so I think we are all agreed to get rid of digital photography and go back to film 24 photos, that’s your lot and you have to wait until they are developed to see them.

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That’s fine. I’ll stop taking pictures of my baby daughter then. I’m sure she’ll understand the reasons why when she asks, when she’s older, if we have any photos of her in her early weeks and months,


It’s an art form isn’t it so let’s keep it eh.


And a similar premium on gig tickets if you’re planning on watching the entire thing through the screen of your phone.

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no. “point and click” =/= art

Three cyclists and one shove. What do you do?

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