I don't understand how people are enthusiastic about careers/work

I’ve got absolutely zero drive. I don’t relate whatsoever when people talk positively and enthusiastically about jobs they want at certain companies or positions that are available and opportunities and salaries etc. I just associate work with misery and fear. Even lines of work that are relevant to my degree and that I should theoretically enjoy don’t excite me at all, because I know that in the workplace there is no joy. Today at uni a classmate was talking about being offered work experience for two weeks at a good place and he was chuffed and everyone was impressed but I was just thinking ‘sounds shit.’

I’m fucked.

PS: Fully aware of my extremely privileged position. Would just like to know how people associate work with anything at all positive.


a year ago i think i would’ve agreed entirely, but then i got a job i liked. i wanted the job cos it was better hours and at first that was what i liked, but i began to realise that i actually liked the work i was doing too. i was lucky basically.

i do agree that people who are career driven are a bit weird. like, people who seem to get satisfaction out of building a career in something shit - marketing or sales or whatever. obviously being career driven if your a teacher/media and actually doing something that benefits people is different but when someone just wants to earn more money and have a bigger job title and they’re totally consumed by it? very weird, but then again they’d probably say i was weird for wanting to spend my time doing creative stuff.

aye me too. Really haven’t enjoyed working the 40 hour week in a job I didn’t enjoy a whole lot under the management of incompetent/malicious people. So idk about the real world. I’m just going to try and get into a position where I can be interested in what I do. But also terrified of being unemployed.

it’s all a laf anyway, gonna read some camus and smoke rollies whilst drinking Somersby cider.

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Bunse x ability to slack off divided by stress out of ten


I suffer chronically from a lack of drive and it’s a massive mental hurdle that I continually have to overcome. So yeah the whole career thing doesn’t occur naturally to me at all.

BUT I’m well excited for finally getting a 9-5 job. Steady hours, disposable income to actually do exciting things with (like learning to drive, buying nice clothes for the first time ever, eating out sometimes etc), seems like a really friendly place to work and they have a football team that I can join. In the past I would have dreaded the social interaction with colleagues every day but in the past year or two I’ve become much more comfortable with all that stuff.


I get miserable at the slightest thing so those good things like being able to buy nice clothes get nullified by the shitness. I used to say about three words a day at my last job cos any sort of stress or anxiety makes me mute.

I need to change the past or kill myself and get reincarnated as a better person

i spend enough time at work that it would be an effort not to give a shit about it.

if you work hard on something, do a good job and then get recognition for what you did - that’s good, isn’t it? nobody gives me extra money or tells other people if i do something really good in my personal life. “well done on the washing up today - you’ve done a fantastic job”

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Alright @moker

How can you not understand why someone else would be enthusiastic about something just because you’re not?


how can you not understand not understanding how someone else is enthusiastic about something just because you are enthusiastic about it. The boards these days, I swear…

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I’m really, really lazy and most days would rather do anything but work, but if you find something that you can take some enjoyment out of - not all of it, and not all of the time - then that’s pretty good. I’m never going to be someone who bounds out of bed in the morning going “oh boy, time to go to work!”, but there are things I get to do that I find satisfying and enjoyable. For work.

Rambling point being: you don’t need to strive for something that will meet your each and every need. It’s just a job. The reality for most of us is that we need to do something to make ends meet, and if that something pays the bills, has satisfying bits to it and it doesn’t drive you up the wall with stress, then that’s pretty good going.

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yeah i have this really bad, although i’m actually starting to kind of panic now about my prospects/the bigger picture.


Because people are enthusiastic about things, you might not be, but how can you not ‘understand’ why they are? Does this mean you don’t understand why anyone would be enthusiastic about anything or just certain things don’t really like?

Actually don’t answer I’m not bothered.

I meant it more like I don’t understand why I’m not normal like them

I too have had a pretty apathetic attitude towards a career purely becuse none of the trappings of a successful one appeal. Knew since my teens that i’d never want to get married or own a house or have kids, so never seen the point in studying hard or trying to climb any sort of career ladder.

I don’t know if there’s anything wrong with being a plodder or not having a long term plan, but i know that you can only really get away with that sort of aloof outlook for so long. If you’re 20, 25, 30 even, fine, but odds are one day you’ll be fifty and past being able to change and probably out of touch with other people of your age.

An issue i have is that absolutely nothing interests me. I know i could be my own boss in some way. I know it’s not impossible to find a job of work related to stuff you enjoy. I just can’t be arsed, and in any case i enjoy bring slightly bitter and sneering at everyone else and pretending i’m a socialist and whining about The Man.


it’s nice you’re so cool man :^)

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It’s not normal though. It’s more normal to not be interested. I can get not being fussed about a job, I don’t think I’m too bothered about it despite spending four years of my life qualifying as an accountant.

I’d say try and find small things you liked and work from there. Sometimes just changing companies can bring about things.

Hello. I’ve struggled with this for most of my adult life. Quite publicly.

It has taken me years and years of soul searching to find some peace on this issue. But found it I have.

I’m no guru and I can only offer you words of advice based on my own experiences. I’m not lecturing, in fact I’m talking to myself more than anything.

But long story short it’s all a head game. Life is a head game. Happiness is perspective. Gratitude is the key to happiness.

There’s men in prison right now happier than men in mansions. It’s how you frame your situation.

The first thing I did was be grateful. It’s a miracle how appreciating the job security and the opportunity to learn cjanges your mood.

The second thing was I stopped making excuses. I wasn’t unlucky for not being signed in a band. I wasn’t unlucky for not having a writing job. I wasn’t unlucky for having a standard office career. It was a choice I made. Fuck all the excuses. The moment you realise you’re choosing your job, you’re choosing to go in there every day is the moment it stops happening TO YOU.

The third thing is I started making goals. This is powerful shit as it changes your perspective. I wrote them down. I had some not about work but I made some exactly about work. Things like to change jobs, to stop commuting, to get a pay rise, to move from x industry to y industry. Whatever. The point is that suddenly, when you have a plan, it doesn’t seem like the futile mouse wheel, there’s a purpose to your work. It’s a stepping stone as you plan your baby steps to something greater. I began to genuinely enjoy work as it felt like I was working for me, to get me somewhere else. I was using them as much as they were using me.

Also, there were small things. Seeing certain things as a game. Tough moments I viewed like a gym workout. A shitter meeting, a stay late pressure, it was a squat session, a bench press, I was working out my mind. It began feeling like working was benefiting me rather than destroying me.

Man, I’ve been there. And to a degree I’m still there. But the kingdom of god is within you. You’re the key to happiness and peace, not a job in music, or a big house or working part time.

The Buddha says life is suffering. The struggle is real. But no path is easy. The moment we think someone else has got it easy is the moment we get bitter. No one has it easy. Some paths are harder than others but they are all hard.

That shitty pain you feel each day is growing pain. It’s making you resilient. It’s building you piece by piece through the struggle. Love it for it can be your saviour. Turn the poison into medicine. For all the gnashing of teeth I didn for years got me nowhere. So I chose again. And I accepted these are my choices. And the future is also my choice. And that is feeedom.

I’m with you bro. I hope you find some resolution as it’s inside all of us. Your mind is wired to see the negative, the danger, the doubt, the fear. Your mind is built for survival. Not for happiness. That’s your job. And it’s right there as a choice.

I hope this helps and doesn’t seem too pious x


The fourth thing is this is NOT a pyramid scheme!!!11