I enjoyed this article about the New Yorker cartoons




and the universal caption thing.


So did I. Good work Theo.



I think @Antpocalypsenow and @hip_young_gunslinger might enjoy it too.


Thanks Theo, I’ll read it soon I promise, bit tied up with Guess Whoof at the minute ( www.twitter.com/guesswhoof )


HYG loves all journalists and everything they do, so probably.


I did enjoy this article!

Also, after an evening thinking about it, I agree the outing of Elena Ferrante was a bad thing to do.


I did enjoy this article too. However, I do not recall the cartoons in question. Sorry, Frank, you’re not a genius after all.


I skimmed it. Does he think he’s great because he wrote some words that just about work for some carefully selected cartoons?


pretty much the opposite


what’s going on here then


It’s what it says in the bio mate


what’s the opposite of that?


it’s basically about how easy it is to get (fleeting) recognition for something that you had basically no creative input on - he uses the ‘fat jewish’ instagram account as an example of ‘copypasta’ - people getting credit for just copying and pasting stuff and ‘news’ outlets doing the same thing and re-running the same story until it gets out of hand.

the stuff about how great he is is mostly taking the piss.