I feel like going to Wigan and buying a Meat and Potato pie

Not from Greggs. Sayers or Greenhalghs or something. Do they still exist?

I used to love a good meat and potato pie me

That’s amore!

Where’s the ‘Social’ link underneath the thread title gone in here? Bizarre

Greenhalghs still exists, still does good pies. And crumpet loaf!

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Greenhalghs still exist. Not sure about sayers.

Galloways for me

My kids absolutely love a pie lunch. Proper little wiganers. We tend to go to Muffin Man as that’s our local

Oh yeah Galloways that was the other one

Not Wigan, but this place near me does a roaring trade in pies. Always a wounder when you go past and the NO PIES sign is out:


Anyone on here had a Cottom’s hot pot?

There’s still a few Sayers here and there

Most turned into Poundbakeries though

Are you over Liverpool way?

Fuck Poundbakery

I am

I agree with your Poundbakery sentiments

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the Tom Allen thing the other day focused a weird amount on the fact we have a pie shop

We get free greenhalghs here.

Had a pie and some crumpet loaf today

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