I Feel So - Box car Racer



They gave A New Found Glory a run for their money in the “worst band ever” stakes, didn’t they.


Less of this.


Quite like the song with the Rancid dude on.


Love this album tbhtbf


never have I ever wanted to scream BAN REQUEST so loudly as I do at this post


Cat Like Thief is the best song on the album, hands down


thats Transplants m8


is this now a tom delounge thread


good lord no!


he sounds so good here<3


also this fantastic interaction with Vampire weekend!
Space Cam!!


The Boxcar Racer album was a legitimately good album, for that genre it really doesn’t get much better. (And I think it’s much more difficult to pull off than people realize, given the countless bands who tried to make careers imitating Blink182 and were so so so offensively horrible.) The build up and then distortion kicking in after the yell during the I Feel So intro is A+.

Catlike Thief is a good song, even if it completely lifts the music from You’ve Got So Far To Go by Alkaline Trio. I wonder if they’ve ever addressed it.


Blink got round it by hiring Matt Skiba - it’s like when a big tech company buys a smaller one to get their patents.


:smiley: when i saw it I immediately thought of you


Can’t find that endless loop of Tom’s verse from I Miss You



I love his voice


I like how their voices complement each other, just as you get sick of the whiny one the boring one comes in, then when you are bored of him the whiny one comes back


here he is in the studiom not singing very well.


He’s the greatest