I found my doppelganger


Good morning.

I went to a festival at the weekend and found my doppelganger

It’s never happened before.

Has it happened to anyone else?


Which one was it




Yeah loads of people look like me




I believe it once happened to FBI special agent dale cooper


I’ve got three of them.



ive got an albums worth of people that look like me but arent me on the ol’ fb


I have a pretty boring face and am often told I look like other people. At university there was one guy I really looked like and actually had a lot in common with, people had a field day when we occasionally crossed paths. I, naturally, resented him.


Yeah, Steve Coogan would make an insufferable mature student.


When I’ve not shaved for a week, perilously close to


Quite often get randoms in pubs swearing they have met me before, makes me think there is a doppelgänger out there


No, I thought I did once but she didn’t look like me closer up and I was disappointed




I’ve been mistaken for this div before.

Edit: I have neither a knobby moustache or a soul patch.


sad reacts only


Back of the net!

Yeah, Coogan is my celebrity lookalike for sure.

My dad was once at a football match and got obsessed with the idea a guy sitting a few rows down and across looked just like him. He even asked the stranger next to him to confirm it. Apparently it was just in profile though, when he saw the guy leaving it wasn’t quite the same.