I fuck with that

I’ve started putting Tabasco on cheese croissants.

I fuck with that.


You put cheese on croissants?


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I also fuck with that


I made a PB&J and nana pozza the other day (maybe it’s common, dunno) and hence I fucked with that.

What cheese? Grilled? Like a Sando?

Find I’m putting an ever increasing amount of hot sauce onto my grilled cheeses, playing chicken with my taste buds/ just to feel alive

On a related note been fucking with the Lidl bakery cheese twists a lot recently. Top savoury food.

you put nana on a pozza?

Extra mature cheddar, sliced and melted on the croissant whilst it warms up

Ah, a man of culture I see

Top snacking, well done

cheese topped rolls, man. how are they so good? just a roll with cheese on it

can’t get enough of them


Horseradish, mustard, mint sauce with every roast regardless.

I fuck with that

Yeah like oats pozza not pozza pie


Yeah slice it length ways and then slice it real nice and fine and cook it up with it. It’s good.

I fuck with that.

I’m sorry I lost you a good 4 posts ago.

Next time you’re about I’ll make you some

Garlic sausage on anything