I genuinely plan my week around what sport's on

Honestly just bring up the Betfair TV calendar, FootballonTV and the non-league fixtures every Sunday and go “right…Champo League Tuesday and Weds… a bit of T20 Thursday, some boxing Saturday… i’ll pull a sicky this day… not drink that day”

Not normal.

TBH this sounds pretty normal for a lot of people. However, I really hope that meal image diary of yours wasn’t ‘normal’, either for you or anyone else! :smiley:

Are you watching the Monday Night Football thingie, GP? If so can you shout us when the Captain Marvel trailer’s been on so I can trawl YouTube for it?



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So here for Fury losing it over a ginger cat.

since you linked to it on the old site a few years ago live-footballontv is honestly one of the websites i look at the most

Sports! Sports! Sports! Sports!


It ended up a draw mate. Still an absolute robbery obviously

And it’s live!