I GET THAT REFERENCE! Ready Player One is

Man…this film. Makes my head and heart hurt. It’s just a barrage of references and unearned usages of music/pop culture touch points. They even use the Michael Bay TMNT characters as opposed the 90’s ones. What’s that all about? Most egregious bit - either the veeeeeeeerrrrryyy slight port wine scar (monster!!) or touches of the Back To The Future score.

Everything I have seen of it looks like real harry knowles pandering fucking shit.

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It was very obvious this film would be terrible so I’m struggling to have any sympathy for people who have been disappointed going to see it


See, this is the thing - the book sounds HORRIFIC, and the film looked pretty bad, but it has largely gotten solid to great reviews. Hence why I went. It was so, so, so bad.

The book was really shit and it baffles me that someone thought it was worth making into a film.

Does it have the weird creepy-stalker romance in the film?

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Saw it yesterday, thought it would be rubbish based on the trailer but quite enjoyed it, do think it would have been better if it was a generic fantasy virtual reality world rather than one filled with pop cultural references but I guess the later is probably more realistic.

Bit weird the baddies were the evil corporate guys wanting to exploit the oasis and humanity, whereas the good guys were just fans of various giant franchise properties, and in a film stuffed with product placement. Also the ‘real world is important’ message was a bit cheesy

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Read this book without knowing anything about it.

I did not enjoy it, and felt its message was generally shitty.

Have no desire to see a film version of it.

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Did think there was little tension as it didn’t really matter if people died in the oasis and it was always clear the creator was a good guy and wouldn’t have let it fall into the hands of the baddies, also he got over the death of his auntie pretty quickly

“The end battles were bittersweet, I don’t think I expected or wanted to see strawberry shortcake savagely stomp over the cast of the gloworms”


also now ive thought about it for longer, its written like a young adult book, but packed with references to stuff that people who read young adult books dont care about these days. so like a young adult book 15 years too late. stupid. the more i think about it the less i liked the book. anyway, is the film better? i imagine its more fun, and yer man ste spielberg cant half polish a turd, so


It’d be better if I was in charge of the Oasis and the film would just have loads of Twin Peaks stuff, Sephiroth and all the WEAPONs, and half-remembered antagonists from The X-Files and 90s Doom clones. And almost every action scene synced up with America’s Most Blunted


I liked the book. I thought it was good a bit teen style so I understand Andyvine point above but its was supposed to be in that kind of style like the style of many of the films it references

Reckon I would be quite into YA fiction specifically aimed at 37 year olds.

Reminds me Scott Pilgrim kind of flopped because it had an ill defined target demographic, very much seemed to be aimed at youngsters but the references were very 90s, maybe if they had got a delorean in the trailer it would have been a different story

read ready player one then. spoilers, its not v good. also i dont think the scott pilgrim comparison is fair, coz scott pilgrim is great, even tho it flopped

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i would rather watch a film version of ready steady cook


Did Scott Pilgrim flop? I felt I was bang in the demographic and I loved it.

Edit: According to Wiki yeah it didn’t do well at the box office. Interesting.


With the right director, I think that could be a delight!

The comparison wasn’t about quality, Scott Pilgrim is obviously loads better


I went to see this last night.

Thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed it.