I get up when I want, except on Thursdays

When I get rudely awakened by the dustmen.

Our bin day was yesterday. Wtf?

Anything going on?


What are the chances! I’ll get someone to close my thread one mo

Also morning!

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Morning everyone, I slept like crap and have woken up to some form of plumbing disaster in the kitchen which means everything stinks of riverine decay! Please say your days are going better than mine, pray for Mojo.

Alright GoFaster

Had a slow drive into work today as I’m on the spare tyre. Got to try and get that sorted tomorrow. Nothing else happening.


Thank Kermo!

Just one thank? I am stingy this morning


Not long back in from my first run in feckin months. Didn’t run that far, felt like the air was scraping the inside of my lungs and i’m knackered. :grimacing: :laughing:
But delighted i finally got out and did it, now just need to start doing it a lot more regular.


Well done. I’m gearing up for a first run some day soon. Not today though, fuck that. Gonna have a brisk walk I think

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Shit, sorry :weary:


Morning PNiks and others :wave:
My bin day was yesterday too! So glad you started this thread when you did, because I brought the bins in last night and this has happened due to the “storm”
I want it on the record that as of 07.33am this is how one of the bins is looking

Them downstairs use that gate as their front door multiple times a day and they’ve NEVER brought the bins out or indeed in. Just wanna see if they can possibly bring themselves to pop the poor chap upright again. Bet they don’t.
Have I become absolutely pathetic due to lockdown and getting older? I have, yeah. Don’t care. I will be standing at my window with a coffee, tutting, every hour on the hour until the poor bin is put upright. I’m not your bin fairy, HELEN.


:smiley: one thank is plenty, just pressed a button. And I had to open Theo’s wonderful google doc to do it as well, what a delight x


This has done me


This is very exciting, what time is the first expected use of the gate?


That’s cool, your thread is slightly more positive than mine in opening tone and I’d rather people start their day the right way!

It was ALSO our bin day yesterday! Almost forgot. Too, so I rushed out in my jammies and put the bins out and hit mud all over my jammies.

Got a start date for the new super awesome job.

Going to find out today if I need further surgery to remove my badly growing new nerve endings wooooo.

About 8.30am is when her chap tends to go to leave first. I wouldn’t mind so much if the pair of them only left and came back once a day, but they’re in and out like nobodies business. They had to walk past those empty bins at least FOUR times yesterday, and they must’ve thought “oh, I know a storm is due but her at number 9 will drag them back in on her lonesome.” And I did, because I CARE about this neighbourhood. Even if every time they left they’d have brought one bin back in between them, I’d have had to do six instead of eleven. But noooo, impossible.
The worst part is, right, when Helen moved in at the start of lockdown one, she got my number from the note I’d left in the communal hallway, and was messaging me being all “what’s the recycling sitch? Do we have food bins or should I contact the council?” YOU DONT CARE ABOUT REFUSE. Fake!! When I was dragging them in last night in the rain I saw them watching at their window cause the gate kept slamming.
I’m absolutely the nightmare neighbour here cause I do genuinely stand at my window and tut at them sometimes.


The sun has now come out, the wind has died down, and after a bunch of gross happenings I have sorted the kitchen problem and it no longer smells like someone’s routed a canal through it. Let’s take this positivity to the moon!

Exciting bin chat!

What’s in the red lid one?

Wind’s on

Standard day eh?

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No, Thursday.