I got a debit balance on my credit card

Cos I paid it all off and then I got a refund through. So it has a debit balance of £14.60.

A debit balance on my credit card. How wack is that bro? That’s hella wack.


I’ve got one of about £600 just now because I got twitchy and paid it off before my direct debit went through, then it went through anyway.

The bank sent me a really condescending text about it. Irked.

Fuck off with your all caps m8


can’t believe you just posted this just because it has “Dr” written on it

fucking shameless


*Dr shameless, please

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Dear Liza, dear Liza

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Dear Liza, a debit balance

always hard to keep track of refunds back to the cc and then what my balance is and what I’m due to pay. Swear it never tallies

and the other one is flicking a cigarette


'Cos if you like me lemme know
Let me in da studio
I got a debit balance on my credit card

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I used to work at a bank, and they do get arsey when customers do this. Not entirely sure why.

Going to keep doing it to stick it to THE MAN in that case.

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Well isn’t it great for you lot with all this surplus cash


Do all the credit balances and all the debit balances in the world cancel each other out?

I’ll only accept replies from people whose ideas on economics I trust. @Balonz?

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If you leave the balance there, does it get interest at 25% or whatever it is they’d be charging you?

Of course

Paid off my credit card balance of £496 the other day, which has been there for 3 years, very slowly moving down then back up again. Feels good to be rid of it. Also cancelled my direct debits going into it.

I want to get rid of my credit card but wouldn’t that be bad for my rating or something? Or are you just fucked the moment you agree to get a credit card?