I got a letter from the government the other day

Reminding me to do my tax return this year

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Preferred their earlier stuff


They prefer it earlier too, that’s why they send out reminders


I keep getting these and it’s making me so anxious! For complicated reasons I had to do one last year but I don’t normally (not self employed or anything) and this year I get an email every couple of days saying, with increasing levels of threat and urgency, THE DEADLINE IS APPROACHING YOU NEED TO DO IT NOW.

There are links to check if you need to do one, and I’m 95% sure I don’t, but there doesn’t seem to be a ‘tell us you don’t need to do one, it’s all chill’ option and it’s doing my nut. I think some kind of Men in Black type character is going to kick my door down and go TAX SQUAD! FREEZE! and shoot me in front of my kids. I need a lie down.

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All of this thread is great but I think I would much prefer it if Tricky produced it and Martina rapped it.

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Is this the sort of thing people talk about on the socials?