I got a question for you

What did you believe first?

  • That Newcastle Brown Ale was a drink that sponsored Newcastle United FC
  • That Newcastle Brown Ale was a drink produced by Newcastle United FC

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why would I believe either?


Because in the 90s, when I was too young to understand such things, this was their kit

And back in the days of 480p TV all I could make out was the logo and I didn’t really know what an ale was. So when I saw a bottle of drink with that logo on I assumed it was the Newcastle United drink or a drink that was a fan of Newcastle United

On account of the sponsorship thing being true

ah that makes sense, I never considered that they would automatically be sponsored by them, didn’t know beers sponsored football teams

they’re one and the same thing to me. Same as Coors with Chelsea.


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It was common in the 90s, dont think its allowed now

I know cigs sponsored F1, I presume they don’t do that anymore

Yeah that ban came in… fairly recently if I recall. No longer than 10yrs ago

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Whereas they’re pretty much all sponsored by betting firms now, which I’m not sure is progress, really.

Oh it isn’t, before that it was payday lenders

Whereas I’ve never given much thought to football, or football sponsorships (except when Skint records sponsored BHAFC), so there wasn’t any connection at all between the beer and the football club.

I totally see that as kid logic.

Didn’t Man Utd make a cola at some point so it’s not a huge stretch of the imagination. Surprised there isn’t a Real Madrid vodka or whatever tbh

NBA was my introductory booze of choice as a 15 year old for some reason

when I was younger I thought that Man Utd had Sharp on the front of their shirts because Lee Sharpe was their best player or captain or something, rather than it being their sponsor.

think I probably worked out this wasn’t the case when Arsenal didn’t have a player called JVC, Liverpool didn’t have a player called Carlsberg etc.